Monday, June 16, 2014

three motion comics

I watched “good vs. Evil, Hell boy vs. the queen of blood”, it’s was about the battle which happened against the noble dead Britain and nimue’s army of monsters. It was boring animation. The only fact I like about it the characters they created for this were really going for that particular comic.

Second one I watched was “Tales turtles from the lair”. I kind of this liked this one because the way they set it up. I also liked how they have those captions while the characters are talking so you follow them along of what they saying.

Third one I watched was “peanuts motion comics, April Fool”. I really like the animation of it, it seems like they really following scene by scene and not taking forever to move to another scene. Its way of animation seems more entertaining. The only thing I disliked was when the scenes were moving its was little pixelated, otherwise it was good.

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