Thursday, May 29, 2014

By doing the classmate documentary I learned how they do it on TV interviews for example, how they do the editing. When I was recording my partner he did came over some parts where he laughed or had a long pause which I believe is easy when you have an application like premiere pro to cut the parts which you want to delete and edit the stuff like putting a title or transitions.


Scene 1.  What’s your name?
Lamar Jordan
Scene 2. Where you from?
His reply: Stanford, Connecticut
Scene 3.  What do you want to be professionally?
His reply: want to be a web designer, photographer and also an animator.
Scene 4. Who admired you?
His reply: My father, because he loves to draw too.
Scene 5. What are your hobbies?
His reply: doing photography, long walks, going to gym, learning about nutrition and fitness school.
Scene 6. What is your philosophy of life?
His reply: the sky’s is a limit, means you just can’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything, you never know what you capable of.









Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The self portrait video I created was based on my childhood to when I graduated from high school. my idea was to show you that, you may grow up but still those precious moments you left behind will always placed in your heart no matter where you go in life.

scene    shot       location                                                  Description
1           1            Pakistan/ Karachi                                   When i was like 1 years old
2           2            Pakistan/ Karachi                                   When i went to other city of my country for vacations
3           3            Pakistan/ Karachi                                   When i went on beach with my family
4           4            Pakistan/ Karachi                                   When i was going to school
5           5                                                 
6           6            Pakistan/ Karachi                                   When i went to visit my country
7           7            My home                                                It was my 20th birthday
8           8  
9           9            Saunders Trades & Technical HS             Senior photo at my high school
10        10           Westchester County Center                     My high school graduation