Monday, June 16, 2014

1950s kelloggs frosted flakes commercial, i like how they created it even back in the day they had no color but they had very good ideas to introduce products.
1960s Maxwell house coffee, it was colored and it gave a look of a commercial. the way they set it up that whole family sitting on the table and enjoying their time by drinking it.

1970s Sharp calculator commercial, it was good by the detailed they gave by showing tons of books, newspapers and other written stuff which they introduce us with the product sharp calculator that will help us to the math quickly. But it had no voice to make audience pay attention more but the overall idea was good.

1980s mobile phone TV commercial,it was detailed because they stated every detail by the person talking behind and in front they have all the stuff they wanted to introduce.

1990s McDonalds commercial, the way they set up the commercial was a good. It was colored and showing the waiters serving and cashiers checking out with smile on their faces which displaying the happy mood.

2000 game boy commercial, it looked advanced and more direct with detail. It had children playing with the game boy but also have animation by making certain characters of Mario to come alive.

2010 Chevy commercial. This was actually a good idea to display that Chevy cars are a journey for life because they portrayed dog to show loyalty that Chevy cars have with their owners. 

three motion comics

I watched “good vs. Evil, Hell boy vs. the queen of blood”, it’s was about the battle which happened against the noble dead Britain and nimue’s army of monsters. It was boring animation. The only fact I like about it the characters they created for this were really going for that particular comic.

Second one I watched was “Tales turtles from the lair”. I kind of this liked this one because the way they set it up. I also liked how they have those captions while the characters are talking so you follow them along of what they saying.

Third one I watched was “peanuts motion comics, April Fool”. I really like the animation of it, it seems like they really following scene by scene and not taking forever to move to another scene. Its way of animation seems more entertaining. The only thing I disliked was when the scenes were moving its was little pixelated, otherwise it was good.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Idea: My idea for a commercial is that, there going to be a girl or boy sitting in a classroom and taking a test. He/she doesn't know how to do the test and struggles through it. After that he picks up the smart water bottle and drinks it. than he/she does the test and hands in. she he/she receives the test  he gets and A+. Than there going to appear a slogan saying "drink smart, think smart".

  2 Columns Script:

Scene 1: where the student going to be sitting and is taking a test.
clock tic toc sound
Scene 2: after seeing the test he doesn't know how to do it and struggles.

Scene 3: than his just sitting there staring while playing with his pen.
pen clicking sound
Scene 4: he reaches toward his “smart water” bottle.

Scene 4: he drinks the smart water.

Scene 5: after that he does his test
fast music
Scene 6: he hands in the test.

Scene 7: he gets his test back and receives an A+.

Scene 8:  than he says the words” drink smart, think smart” while holding the smart water bottle.
water sound