Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Idea: My idea for a commercial is that, there going to be a girl or boy sitting in a classroom and taking a test. He/she doesn't know how to do the test and struggles through it. After that he picks up the smart water bottle and drinks it. than he/she does the test and hands in. she he/she receives the test  he gets and A+. Than there going to appear a slogan saying "drink smart, think smart".

  2 Columns Script:

Scene 1: where the student going to be sitting and is taking a test.
clock tic toc sound
Scene 2: after seeing the test he doesn't know how to do it and struggles.

Scene 3: than his just sitting there staring while playing with his pen.
pen clicking sound
Scene 4: he reaches toward his “smart water” bottle.

Scene 4: he drinks the smart water.

Scene 5: after that he does his test
fast music
Scene 6: he hands in the test.

Scene 7: he gets his test back and receives an A+.

Scene 8:  than he says the words” drink smart, think smart” while holding the smart water bottle.
water sound

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