Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The self portrait video I created was based on my childhood to when I graduated from high school. my idea was to show you that, you may grow up but still those precious moments you left behind will always placed in your heart no matter where you go in life.

scene    shot       location                                                  Description
1           1            Pakistan/ Karachi                                   When i was like 1 years old
2           2            Pakistan/ Karachi                                   When i went to other city of my country for vacations
3           3            Pakistan/ Karachi                                   When i went on beach with my family
4           4            Pakistan/ Karachi                                   When i was going to school
5           5                                                 
6           6            Pakistan/ Karachi                                   When i went to visit my country
7           7            My home                                                It was my 20th birthday
8           8  
9           9            Saunders Trades & Technical HS             Senior photo at my high school
10        10           Westchester County Center                     My high school graduation 

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